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hunter-bird-scarerThe Hunter bird scarer is a gas powered, electronically controlled device. It has been designed with a number of features that increase coverage, ensure reliability and give the user more choice.
- choice of random or timed program;
- light sensor to suspend operation during dark hours;
- test fire switch;
- 5-60 minutes adjustable silence interval;
- 1-4 or random number of shots at a time;
- supplied gas regulator;
- supplied 2 x gel cell rechargeable battery and 1 x charger;
- 110 decibels sound output;
- nylon bearings;
- 1 year warranty and full parts backup.
For more information, please see the product brochure, download the technical information or contact us for any questions you may have.

$ 2085.00


Electronic bird repellent for crops, aviation fields, outdoor areas protection against birds.

Natural birds predator / alarm / distress calls are recorded digitally and reproduced at intervals between 3 and 30 minutes, with and average of 5 soundings per hour.
Mains or 12V battery powered.
More details in the product brochure. Settings are adjustable, please see documentation or contact us for advice, before changing settings, if unsure.

$ 690.00

hunter-bird-scarerThe Defender Pest Scarer is the latest product to be offered by Chainmakers (NZ) Ltd for effective bird and other pests control.
The device emits ultra-sonic tones that are unable to be heard by humans, but are unpleasant to a range of birds and other animals. The pre-set frequencies will deter birds, cats, dogs, dingos, rats, mice, bats, opposums, weasels, stoats and ferrets. Simply choose the recommended setting to fight specific pests.
The Defender is ideal for areas where people are present and pests are a problem. It may be used in packing sheds, dairy sheds, implement sheds and anywhere food is attracting unwelcomed "visitors".
It is supplied with AC mains adaptor, but can also be run off a 12V gel cell battery.

Supplied with mains adaptor or 12V gel cell battery and charger.
Please contact us for any questions you may have.

$ 490.00