Report on Hunter bird scarer in The Northern Daily Leader


Testimonial1Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for selecting us as the winner for this amazing product!
We live on a farm and we have an extensive garden. Not wanting to use nasty sprays around the vege garden - or around our pets (we have dogs, cats and a pet fawn that visit the garden often) this is perfect for keeping the weeds at bay without harming anyone or the environment.
So simple to use and I especially love using it on our driveway - the weeds instantly disappear!
Here is a pic of Ralph using the Parasene Weed Wand. Thanks again for this - it will get lots of use here with us!
Kind regards,
Julie :-)


Hunter bird scarer at work in Maimai wineyardIt was easy to assemble and operate and the firing options allowed us to change patterns everyday.
The gun is well made and robust and should last for years.
The Gun kept the birds flying and away from my grapes.


Mal McLennan
Maimai Wines


We found the Hunter gas guns to be the most effective. They are the loudest on the market and give good coverage.

Dancing Water Wines


We used a Hunter cannon this season, and found that the random program really kept the cockatoo's guessing. It severely reduced damage to our grape crop.

Black Ranges Estate Wines


Defender bird scarer at work under Kola Properties roofWe have noticed a distinct lack of birds since installing the Defender on our roof for the apartment building.

Paul Anderson
Kola Properties
New Plymouth